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On page SEO is constant contribution to your site’s SEO activities. Here are 8 most important On Page SEO Tips you must follow while writing every article.

On Page SEO Tips:
1. Google Timeline Factor
This is latest addition by Google which affects ranking significantly. Consider, article you wrote on last year Black Friday was a good hit. If this yea, you are expecting the same then you have to go back into history. Because, in present Google has changed the rules. No doubt, your article may have authority, backlinks, keyword density etc. But it needs to have newness also. So, good idea would be writing another one or modifying it significantly. Add some time factor to your page.

Seo Tips Timeline Factor Watch On Page

2. Page Speed
All people searching at Google are Google customers. It gives importance to user experience too and it doesn’t want their customers to look at pages that loads slowly, has bunch advertisements and no good content in good form.



Use good web hosting.
Use light themes.
3. Heading Tags
Using heading tags wisely is way to tell search engines the most important things you covered in the article.When you put something is H1 tag, search engine considers that your page is about that topic and will give you the benefit in those searches.

Heading Tags Rules:
There must be exactly one H1 tag on every page.
2-3 H2 tags can be there. Actually, there must be 2-3 subheading in H2. But make sure to use them below H1 tag.
Check out Complete Information on Using Heading Tags in SEO.
4. Title Tag
Use main keyword in Title tag of page.
Limit the number of characters to 70.
5. Meta Tag and Meta Description Tag:
For every article, you must give meta description of 170 characters and 7-8 meta tags. Description must contain most important keyword for that article. If you are using WordPress then All In One SEO Pack is best option. Check here, How To Set AIOSP.

6. URL Structure
Don’t use dynamic URL for pages. This thing is more explained on my another article on WordPress Permalinks.

7. Links
Internet, blogging is all about linking and getting linked. Always give links to similar, supplementary content from own site AND other reputed sites. Here AND is logical AND. I mean to say, it’s not either or condition. You got to give both.

Linking Rules:
There must be, at least, 3 internal links from each article.
There must be 2 outbound links.
Don’t use text like, check out or click here for these links. Connect it with relevant keywords.

8. SEO Image Optimization:
It’s good to use at least one image in your article. Page looks good plus you get SEO benefit too. When I started this blog, I used to get less traffic. Within that traffic, major factor was one image which had captured a good keyword. And all the traffic was from image search. Most important thing is, that was not planned. I build article on checklist. This checklist includes adding image with proper name to it, giving it alt text, giving credits etc. All that traffic was just a luck and result of daily routine.

Resource: eVendor Australia

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