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Here’s the thing, I can’t save every smile. Surely a noble cause, but not every starfish on the beach can be saved. Not all deserve to be.

Dentistry is optional. So is keeping your teeth. I can accept that, but I hate seeing people suffer.

I also hate seeing people continue making poor choices.

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The Girl with the Broken Smile
I met a young woman the other day who mentioned she’ll be going on a big trip to Russia and the Far East this summer. The thing is, she also had a painful tooth needing Root Canal Treatment to relieve her pain. This put her in a financial bind.

Her choice? She’ll probably go off on that big trip and get her perfectly-savable tooth removed. If she delay treatment, she’ll just ignore that tooth completely and get it hauled out in Russia on the cheap.

She was clearly headed for some dental nightmares…
Wow! She sure as heck wasn’t interested in exceptional care or measures of prevention. She made it clear she didn’t place much value on her teeth, and from what I saw wasn’t making the effort to maintain them.

The only reason she was bothering with this particular tooth was because of the intense pain it was causing her. And the only reason she came to see me that day was to take advantage of our free initial consultation. She obviously wasn’t a good fit for our office.

By the way, that painful tooth in need of a root canal was far from her only problem. Many of her teeth were decalcified from years of poor oral hygiene and addiction to sweets. She wasn’t a complete “Grunge Mouth,” but she was clearly headed for some dental nightmares.

Find a dentist in Maldon

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