Good architects dublin ireland

Architects dublin ireland service provides preliminary professional architectural advice on a range of specific issues relating to a building project. It will assist the client to make the most appropriate decisions and maximise all of the possible opportunities available with regard to the project.

Some of the issues that we advise clients on include the following:

Preliminary site analysis on aspects such as zoning, site coverage, climate control and solar orientation, access, opportunities for views, impact of adjoining sites/ buildings.

Analysis of existing building structure and identifying the design opportunities and challenges that are available.

Plan reviews providing the client with a comprehensive analysis of opportunities to improve and strengthen the current design.

Assistance in preparing an appropriate brief to suit the client’s lifestyle requirements and site opportunities.

Preliminary consultation with the local authority to identify any restrictions that have or may be imposed on the site.


Good architects dublin ireland

We use colour theory and application to ensure the most appropriate and suitable use of colours to compliment the mood and style of your home.

We co-ordinate and integrate interior and exterior colour themes and finishes for walls, floors, window treatments, built-in cabinetwork, fabrics for furniture etc.

We present the client with colour sample brushouts and colour sample boards prior to finalising the colour selection for the project.

We provide a detailed paint colour schedule and specification for the builder/ paint contractor.

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