Is SEO Coaching Worth it? – [Exposed]

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation.

It’s the practice of putting pages on the first page of Google.

The reason why you want to learn SEO is because it brings in traffic…

…and traffic equals money.

It really is that simple.

You can use the traffic you pull in from Google to make sales, opt in to your email list, and more.

It really is up to you what you do with that traffic.

When you get into a subject you can learn it all on your own and it’s doable.

But with SEO it’s different.


Because search engines work from an algorithm and algorithms are always changing.

Especially with Google’s self learning and updating search engine.

You can spend a lot of time and money testing different ways to rank on Google but it could all change a year later.

The easiest way to learn SEO is by learning from someone who knows the game.

You can ask them any questions on your mind.

They’ll give you proven methods to rank first on Google.

Essentially, they will be a big short-cut in helping you learn SEO.

If you’re looking for an SEO coach that’s affordable and proven to rank website, I would recommend you using Clickdo.

learn new skills

Clickdo has SEO experts that have ranked websites and actually made money from them.

Clickdo is well-know in the SEO industry and has received a ton of positive reviews from people all over the world.

By ignoring SEO, you’re missing out on a lot of money and even a lifestyle change.…

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Stan is currently slestering some biscuits in chocolate (he’s too much of a gastro-freak to spread it anywhere else: humph!) We’ve had an afternoon of baking: a flourless chocolate cake and lebkuchen. He took a childlike wonder at the alchemy of egg whites, sugar and whisk-power, in grinding cardamom pods and in stamping out love hearts from the christmas-scented dough.

This certainly isn’t getting my assessment done, which is clanging away in the back of my head: “what about me?” it pleeps, “you seem to enjoy yourself when you’re with me.” Instead of procrastinating in the usual way as I did during my 1st degree (sock ironing, oven cleaning), I seem to have developed a new insidious way of not actually doing what I should be: it’s called doing a literature search. So, I have spent a few weeks reading many extremely interesting articles both in tangible books and electronically, getting to grips with OVID, a massive on-line medical database. I feel almost expert on the causes and social factors of postnatal depression, however of the 2000 words I have to write, I’ve done around 49. My theory is that because I’ve sooked in so much in the way of fascinating information (salutogenesis and cultural iatrogenesis being two of the more fancy-sounding areas I would like to discuss) having to whittle it down to 2000 words is going to be impossible. At least 400 of those words have to address the history of the area in which I did my clinical placement, and services available to its inhabitants. With at least 300 on my chosen subject and their personal circumstances and medical histories, I have 1700 words to explore PND with reference to my subject inside a framework of a model of health